How does pre-booking a ticket or a photo shoot work?

It is very simple to pre-book your ticket or buy a photo shoot.

If you have bought from us before log into your account otherwise an account will be created for you after checkout. You will receive two emails one containing your account details and the other your order.
  1. Visit the book tickets page or photo shoot page
  2. Add the correct date and number of tickets to your basket
  3. Complete the required information
  4. Make sure you read and accept the terms & conditions
  5. Press the Place Order button
  6. Your order is then complete.

What happens next?

The page will reload and show you your order details, example below
  • DATE: December 1, 2016
  • TOTAL: £10.00
  • PAYMENT METHOD: Direct Bank Transfer
The page will also show you our bank details for payment as listed below
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER:51690876
  • SORT CODE: 40-39-04
  • IBAN: GB28MIDL40390451690876
  • BIC: MIDLGB2151V

How to Pay

  • Pay for your ticket by using Bank Transfer (also known as Faster Payments)
  • You can do this by using a mobile banking app, online banking, telephone banking or by visiting your local bank branch
  • We do not accept PayPal or Credit/Debit cards when pre-booking tickets online
  • More information on bank transfers can be found on the Money Advice Service website.

Email confirmation and e-ticket

During the order process, you will receive THREE emails from Telford Fanzone
  1. The 1st email is simply a copy of your order. It will inform you your order is on HOLD until you make payment
  2. The 2nd email tells you your order is complete, this may take a while as we match your payments and orders. We will try and do this asap
  3. The 3rd email will contain your e-ticket.
It is very important you print the 3rd email out. Your e-ticket will be scanned upon entry and can only be used ONCE so please do not share the e-ticket.