Ticket Information

Photo Studio and Autograph Prices for #tfz

You must have bought either a TFZ or a City of Heroes 3 ticket to buy any photo ops below. If a guest no longer is appearing you can swap your ticket for another guest or visit the helpdesk for more information.

NOTE: Originally we only listed one set of photo op tickets. We have now split this into Saturday and Sunday. If you bought a photo op ticket ON or BEFORE 26 February and it did not state a day then those orders have been classed as Saturday. If you are attending Sunday you can swap the ticket from Saturday to Sunday, all you need to do is raise a ticket on Zendesk quoting your order number.


Autograph tickets

Photo studio tickets

Colin O'Donoghue£30.00£70.00
David Anders (Appearing Saturday only)£25.00£30.00
Rose McIver£30.00£35.00
Rahul Kohli£30.00£35.00
Maggie Geha£20.00£25.00
Jeremy Jordan£25.00£30.00
Brianna Hildebrand£20.00£25.00
John Wesley Ship£20.00£25.00
Rick Cosnett£20.00£25.00
David Harewood£25.00£35.00
Brit Morgan£20.00£20.00
Ray Fisher£25.00£35.00
Dominic Purcell£30.00£50.00
Wentworth Miller£35.00£65.00
Dom & Wentworth Duo£110.00
iZombie Group£90.00
Flash Duo£50.00